As AKMODA PREFABRIK A.S. we manufacture and supply prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, prefabricated offices, prefabricated workplaces, containers, steel constructions, construction steels, prefabricated building, prefabricated house, prefabricated office, prefabricated workplace, container, steel construction, construction steel, prefabricated worksites, prefabricated office buildings, prefabricated dining halls, prefabricated dorms, prefabricated hospital buildings, prefabricated wc buildings, prefabricated shower buildings, prefabricated school buildings, prefabricated social facility buildings, prefabricated construction materials, prefabricated building materials, city containers, office containers, dining hall containers, dorm containers, wc containers, shower containers, container houses, demounted containers, sandwich panels, 2.40x6.00m containers, prefabricated worksite, prefabricated office building, prefabricated dining hall, prefabricated dorm, prefabricated hospital building, prefabricated wc building, prefabricated shower building, prefabricated school building, prefabricated social facility building, prefabricated construction material, prefabricated building material, city container, office container, dining hall container, dorm container, wc container, shower container, container house, demounted container, sandwich panel, 2.40x6.00m container... Akmoda Prefabrik was established in 1998 in Bursa producing and selling. Every process is monitored from manufacturing to installation and delivery and customer satisfaction is important to us. Every product we as Akmoda Prefabrik manufacture is environment-friendly and human and environmental health are considered. We manufacture an sale prefabricated houses, containers, steel constructions. Akmoda Prefabrik promises the best all the time with prefabricated work places, big dining halls, worksites, offices and houses. We are 7/24 at your service with professional and experience solutions by following closely the processes from manufacturing to sale, sale to installation and afterward.

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